Sonnar Library

Millions of people are excluded from access to information and joy of reading due to their disabilities, age or financial status. We believe that using new technologies can make reading easy, accessible and affordable again.

Sonna Library is a cloud-based audio content library for organizations supporting people with reading and learning needs.

Providing audio books has never been easier 


  • Instantly accessible with simple and intuitive voice commands
  • Start playing your book in few seconds – no more long download times
  • Easy to learn and use – no more screens and buttons
  • Access books on any device: smart speakers, phones and computers
  • Have access to global and your organisation’s catalog

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For Organizations

  • Give your community access to your content through voice technology
  • Manage your content catalogue and users through one platform
  • Share and receive books with organizations worldwide
  • Improve reporting to stakeholders using customer data and analytics
  • Secure your data and content through reliable cloud hosting

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Free audiobooks available

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Get your organization started

On your own

Sonnar Library is free, open source (CC4) software and can be installed and managed by your own IT team!  Click below to request access to the GitHub repository and the installation guides. 

Please note that installation and ongoing management of Sonnar Library requires proficiency with Amazon Web Services and voice platform technologies.

With Sonnar

Sonnar Inc. maintains the Sonnar Libary, and provides variety of commerical support options:

  • Pilot | consultation
  • Sonnar Library installation
  • Content integration
  • Full cloud hosting
  • Technical support
  • Commercial extensions: advanced search engine, analitycs etc.

“Smart Speakers and AI technology have made a huge difference in how I access information today. Now I can search for books, listen and navigate through books just by speaking simple commands.”

– Thomas Bryan, blind, smart speaker user

About us

Sonnar Foundation is the non-for-profit arm of Sonnar Interactive. Our mission is to end the global book famine. We empower print disability communities by making it easier to access and exchange copyrighted audio content.