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Ending the book famine

We make it easier for the print disability communities to access and exchange audio content.

Sonnar Library

More than just an audio book player!

Through simple voice commands, our library empowers users to search, select and navigate audio content that may have been made elusive to them, whenever and wherever they want.

You can currently access public domain books from Librivox and Internet Archive. We seek to partner with accessible format providers globally to facilitate free transfer and centralised management of content; creating a super library for people with print disabilities, no matter where they live.

Sonnar Library takes advantage of two worldwide developments: smart speaker technology and the Marrakesh Treaty. Signed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the United Nations in 2013, the treaty promised to break down borders and end the global book famine by giving people who are blind, vision impaired, and print disabled easier access to copyrighted works.

About us

Sonnar Library was created by Sonnar Interactive.

Our mission is to end the book famine; facilitating equitable and inclusive educational and life enrichment opportunities using cutting edge technology. We empower print disability communities by making it easier to access and exchange copyrighted audio content through a smart-speaker library.

Currently, only 10% of all printed text are in formats that can be read by people with conditions that prevents them from reading and understanding text (print disabilities); and only 1% in developing countries. These statistics are devastating, considering that print disabilities are surprisingly common; ranging from vision impairment, dyslexia, to physical conditions like arthritis.

Our work transforms the way people with print disabilities interact with books.